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Smarter care - delivered to your family in your own home!

In these times of economic, medical, and social uncertainty, you can take care of your health needs in the safe confines of your home.

Real-time health care delivered using video-conferencing tablets or desktop computers

What is telemedicine (or "telehealth"?)

“Telehealth, the use of electronic communication to remotely provide health care information and services, is gaining more and more attention as providers, patients, and payers all seek more effective and cost-efficient ways to deliver care.” –

Accessible from everywhere!
Your desktop, tablet & smartphone

Professional, courteous, and dedicated practitioners

24/7 access to diagnostic and therapeutic services

Centers Telemedicine is powered by state-of-the-art technology

Telehealth treatment for you or your family without leaving home!

Why utilize telehealth?

Centers Telemedicine team includes professional, courteous, and dedicated practitioners. This diverse team offers round-the-clock opportunity for telehealth treatment via the phone, video, patient portals, and more, without you or your family leaving home!

The unique telehealth service offered by Centers Telemedicine is powered by state-of-the-art technology and exceptionally talented caregivers. You and your family now have 24/7 access to diagnostic and therapeutic services! Avoid increased viral exposure, timely waits, and general stress and utilize our unique telehealth services!

Top Benefits of Telemedicine

What telehealth services do we offer?

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